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D  O    I  T     T  H  E  
H  A  R  D    W  A  Y

A  B  O  U  T   
K  L  U T  C  H 

Klutch was founded with the aim of providing you with a pleasant and easily accessible place in the centre of Zagreb where you can improve your physical and mental health in complete privacy during personal training. Through scientifically based kinesiological methods, we will help you develop healthy habits that will change your life and make your day more efficient. We believe that our work does not end with the last seconds of training, so we are here for you whenever you need us.


O U R   T E A M .

S E R V I C E S 

Klutch is a member-based personal training studio. We provide personal training and recovery services by Klutch trainers. Our packages are designed to allow each member to take complete ownership of their fitness.

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